Body Mass Index

BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator

Body Mass Index (often called BMI) is a calculated value representing how well your body weight correlates with your height. Based on the BMI you can conclude whether you are normal, underweight or overweight. To calculate your body mass index, just use the BMI calculator below where you need to enter your weight and height, and additionally specify your sex to get more accurate calculation. Once you fill the fields, just click "Calculate", and our BMI calculator gives you your Body Mass Index.

Along with your BMI, our BMI calculator also decodes your BMI value and tells you to what category (normal, obese, or underweight) you belong to.

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Did you know

  • BMI was developed by Belgian scientist Adolphe Quetelet in 1869.
  • If you always eat good, but don't gain weight, that means you consume more energy than you get from food.
  • The more pounds you want to lose the more you have to change your life.