Body Mass Index

British diet

Before you are going to lose weight by sticking to a diet, we suggest you to calculate your BMI to make sure that you really need it - just use our free BMI calculator.

The British diet rule is minimum calories in the morning and maximum for dinner (but no later than 7 pm).

Breakfast samples (approximately 200 calories)

  • 1 boiled egg, rusk, a glass of fresh juice
  • 1/3 bowl of porridge, a spoon of raisins, a glass of fruit juice
  • two spoons of porridge, an apple
  • 15 oz of fruit salad, a glass of low-calorie yoghurt

Lunch samples (approximately 300 calories)

  • one potato baked in its skin with 3.5 oz of cottage cheese and steamed dried fruit; vegetable salad, fruit (apple/orange/pear)
  • vegetarian broth, 1 oz of soft cheese, 2 oz of bread, fruit (apple/pear)
  • two rusks, 2 oz of baked beans, an apple
  • a two-eggs omelette with cheese, tomato, pepper, and mushrooms; an apple

Dinner samples (approximately 500 calories)

  • baked beans, 3.5 oz of fresh fruit
  • vegetable soup, 1 oz of low-fat cheese, one dried bun, 2 oz of dried fruit
  • one potato baked in its skin, 2.5 oz of baked beans, carrot, cabbage, two glasses of low-calorie yoghurt with some dried fruit



Did you know

  • BMI was developed by Belgian scientist Adolphe Quetelet in 1869.
  • If you always eat good, but don't gain weight, that means you consume more energy than you get from food.
  • The more pounds you want to lose the more you have to change your life.