Body Mass Index

How to gain weight

Be not surprised but not only the models suffering from anorexia are concerned about.

Before you rush to gain weight you should figure out what is the cause of your low weight. There can be a lot of possible reasons. Let's only mention some of them:

  • you are naturally thin (you are an ectomorph by genetics),
  • you have lost weight dramatically (e.g. due to an illness),
  • you are active, eat a lot, but stay lean.

You are naturally thin (skinny body) and with a poor appetite

If you have always been underweight and with a poor appetite, then you can gain weight only when you solve the problem with disgust for food. There are a couple of simple ways to improve the appetite:

  • Before a meal, drink a glass of fruit juice with one or two pieces of sugar. This will help in additional insulin release, which stimulates appetite.
  • As soon as you wake up, eat two or three pieces of sugar or a spoonful of honey.
  • Increase your energy consumption - do something active, if you can't go to the gym or swimming pool, just walk or play with children.

Sometimes a poor appetite can be caused by a certain illness. May be it is time to visit your doctor and make a full diagnostic.

You have lost weight dramatically, e.g. due to some illness or stress

As a rule any illness or stress leads to unintentional weight loss due to either appetite loss or consumption of accumulated body energy reserves. Thus, weight loss when you are ill is a natural phenomenon. Once the reason of illness is eliminated (in other words you are completely recovered), and you return to normal life, the body itself returns to usual body weight after some time.

If weight loss one is associated way or another with a severe illness you had (which required surgeon intervention), then gaining weight without consulting your doctor is unwise at least, not to mention the fact that in some cases is just dangerous to health.

You are active, have an excellent appetite, but underweight

If you always eat good, but don't gain weight, that means you consume more energy than you get from food. In this case you can:

  • decrease energy consumption which is associated with your activity,
  • increase calorie consumption.

You can decrease energy consumption in different ways. Try to analyze your usual daily activity. When you get up, when you go to bed, in general, how you spend the day. If you want to gain weight, most likely you need to change your lifestyle to some extent. Try to go to bed earlier, do not be nervous during the day, probably reduce the physical activity.

If you can't change your lifestyle to decrease energy consumption, then you need to increase your calorie consumption to gain weight:

  • eat regularly minimum three times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner),
  • have several hefty snacks,
  • eat higher calorie foods - try to include more potato, meat, beans, cereals instead of vegetables,
  • make your menu more varied and rich.



Did you know

  • BMI was developed by Belgian scientist Adolphe Quetelet in 1869.
  • If you always eat good, but don't gain weight, that means you consume more energy than you get from food.
  • The more pounds you want to lose the more you have to change your life.