Body Mass Index

Rice bowl

Rice diet

Before you are going to lose weight by sticking to a diet (especially when you are thinking about something strict like a rice diet), we suggest you to calculate your BMI to make sure that you really need it - just use our free BMI calculator.

This kind of rice diet is one of the toughest options, but one of the most effective. The duration of this diet is three days. You shouldn't repeat the diet more often than once in two weeks.

During the rice diet you only should eat a cup of cooked unsalted rice (approximately 15-20 oz) a day. You can eat rice at once or gradually during the day. If hunger is very strong, eat up to three apples a day.

Note that the rice diet welcomes drink - non-carbonated purified water, green or red tea without sugar. Try to drink more than 4 pints a day but not immediately after meal - drink either at least 20 minutes before or an hour after meal.



Did you know

  • BMI was developed by Belgian scientist Adolphe Quetelet in 1869.
  • If you always eat good, but don't gain weight, that means you consume more energy than you get from food.
  • The more pounds you want to lose the more you have to change your life.